Pool Fences-Choosing the best one for your money!

It took us a long time to decide what our first pool related article was going to be about.  After much though we decided to start with the biggest items and work our way down from there.  Besides the cost of you’re swimming pool, the Swimming Pool Fencingyou decide to install is the second biggest investment relating to your pool.  There are many styles of pool fencing to choose from, and each has it’s benefits and downfalls.  But choosing the wrong one can be costly in the future if you have to replace it. Plus is the biggest safety measure you have to protect your family and others from your pool.

The first thing you have to do is check your local city and state building codes.  Most cities have a strict set of guidelines that your pool fence has to meet regarding height, picket spacing and stuff.   The shear amount of cities and different rules and regulations makes it impossible to list them all here.  Online fence companies like fence-depot.com carry and can deliver fencing to match any pool codes you may have.   The main purpose of this article is to discuss the different types of materials the pool fence can be made out of and let you know the benefits and downfalls of each of them.

I guess to start we will start with the appearance of pool fences.   Most commercial pool facilities utilize chain link fence.  It is the cheapest and it lasts a long time.  It is the most widely used fence in security and safety situations.  But it definitely has the commercial or institution look.   Most people do not want that look for their property around their home.

That leads us to the next popular style of pool fence.  Aluminum Decorative Pool Fences  is the second most used type of swimming pool fence.   The reason this type of fence is so widely used is the amazing list of benefits that this type of fence has to offer.   First there are so many beautiful styles of aluminum fencing to choose from.  It comes with smooth tops or spear points.  It is available in residential, Commercial, and industrial grades.  It comes in 7 different colors and in heights ranging from 36 inches to 96 inches.    But the most important reason it used so widely is because aluminum fencing is maintenance free and most has a lifetime guarantee.   So once it is installed you don’t have to worry about painting or staining or even cleaning it to have it look great for years and years.

The next type of Swimming Pool Fence is Iron Fence also known as Wrought Iron Fence.   Iron fencing for Pools is strong and very durable and can handle heavy abuse.   It also comes in beautiful styes and the many heights.  Most iron fence models come standard in black.   Ten year warranties are standard on this type of fence.  Routine maintenance is needed for this fence type to keep it looking great for years.  Eventually the fence will need to be painted or at least touched up.

Vinyl pool fence is the next choice.    It has the beauty but not the strength,  under pressure it can crack or buckle/warp.   The colors and coating of cheaper styles have a tendency to fade or oxidize leaving the fence having a always dirty look.    Cleaning is the only maintenance required.   Because of durability issues it is used the least for pool fencing.

Next, is Wooden fencing,  it the oldest style of fencing available.  The appearance of wood fences range from beautiful to an eye sore.  One thing they all have in common is they take quite frequent maintenance.  Either painting or staining is required on a regular basis to keep the fence looking good.   Even with proper maintenance the fencing will usually have to be replaced after many years due to the wood breaking down and rotting.

As a recap of what we wanted you to take from reading this blog is you have many styles, colors, heights and looks to choose from for your new pool fence.   But think about your overall look you are trying to achieve around your’e swimming pool.   Wood fence or vinyl fence usually provide more privacy as well as protection but take more investment of time regarding upkeep.   Iron fence provides a great visual experience but after 10 years or so will need more maintenance to keep it looking beautiful.   Chain link is the cheapest solution but doesn’t have the appearance most people are looking for.    Aluminum Fence is probably the best over all choice for the long term, because of the no maintenance and life time guarantee.  Plus it looks amazing and will continue to do so.   Hopefully this article helped you and come back for our next artcile regarding pool fence supplies and safety.

Below we have shared a few youtube videos to give you more info on pool fences.




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